January 19, 2017

EP: Harmony Tividad - Robust

Harmony Tividad's Robust gracefully captures the 
vulnerability, clumsiness, and innocence in growing into oneself.

Harmony Tividad’s song’s carry the visceral honesty of heartfelt conversations with your closest friends, outpouring emotions on existing within this strange, often difficult world to process. As a songwriter and one-half of indie-pop duo Girlpool, Tividad has recently been recording tracks on her own and releasing them to Bandcamp. Her latest EP Robust gracefully captures the vulnerability, clumsiness, and innocence in growing into oneself. It is a beautiful collection of lo-fi pop songs that provides an intimate glimpse into self-reflecting endeavors. Operating out of her bedroom, Harmony strings together hauntingly beautiful melodies that revolve around tender-hearted reflections. As a singer, she’s conversational and self-assured, with a Liz Phair tendency to sound composed while baring her heart. Her song’s can be comforting in times of need, reminding you that solitude begets possibility or that loving a person can transform your mind.

“Penny Ghost” is tough and tender at once, a bold rumination on how love and autonomy require one another. Gentle synth sounds hum over the track, adding a layer of dreaminess and instrumental swirls that invite you to drift into them. Tividad’s sweetly layered vocals make tender proclamations,“Blue eyes never leave the station/A place that you arrive to say you stayed.” Here, fuzzy distortion contrasts with Tividad’s elegant and ethereal vocal chords in ways that are both infectious and unique. Her songwriting tends to pinpoint minute details with extreme intimacy, crafting the perfect lines to sing to your dog or along with your best friend while strolling through Prospect Park.

“Where You Sink” recalls Beat Happening on Jamboree with all the wonder of Mazzy Star. It is full of small moments made grand and meaningful by means of careful, generous songwriting. She sings softly “You look like a kid from outer space/Always trying to plan your next escape/ go running around the alphabet sea." Multi-layered vocals and lush melodies, float around each other with steady grace and ease. Throughout the four-track Ep, Tividad crafts thoughtful observations about the world and those that surround her. Her deep story-songs have the effect of placing you into a childlike space of wonder – not so much innocent as it is open to imagination.


Listen to Harmony Tividad on bandcamp.

Abbie Jones, who will sing along to every Liz Phair song at karaoke by heart and is always down to get milkshakes past midnight. When she isn't writing about music, she is playing drums in her band or hosting shows in her backyard.