December 13, 2016

Stream: pokémom - the dark, beautiful night

Stream the comforting new album from pokémom.

Lillian Santacrose writes songs under the moniker pokémom, which first appeared on the Internet earlier this year with their debut EP, summer songs. Throughout the chaos that has been 2016, Santacrose’s reassuring words are here for us throughout the grimmer times in their new EP, the dark, beautiful night. We're faced with the same identity crises that Santacrose touched on in summer songs but now under a new, more serious gaze. It's a story of forgiveness and kindness, all the while grappling with one’s own self acceptance. It provides gentle and realistic reminders that healing takes time in a world of oppression. Santacrose says, “It's rougher than anything I've ever done before, but that's the same reason it's so whole. I didn't think so much about mixing and editing technicalities - I just sat down with my guitar and needed to get it out. It's informal, but it's raw and I think that's what people need to hear in lieu of recent political events. That there's hope and there's solidarity and there's family.”

The ongoing theme states that there is beauty in darkness, almost more so than in the light because it's less obvious and therefore more true. The EP starts with a soft tune of powerful consolation called “i am (x4)” in which Santacrose proclaims, “I am free and I am me / and this is still my body / and I am taking back what is mine.” “november 11th” is a somber track encompassing the pain and confusion surrounding the recent presidential election. Santacrose’s angelic melodies whirl as they sing, “It feels wrong to have hope in this time / to have we’s or mine’s or I’s.” The reverbing vocals in “my body” take ownership of one’s own matter and ends with the resounding truth conclusion of “I forgive my body for everything it had to do to survive you.” While this release tackles serious topics, it's also sprinkled with more lighthearted clever lyrics, one of the most notable being, “If my body is a temple, it has a motion sensor light / I turn on when you pass by.” Everyone has different talents to use to help others during this despairing time, and Santacrose uses their songwriting abilities to create inspiring songs that we can cling to for comfort.


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Katryn Macko is a Virgo living in Chicago, IL, who was a former member of the bedroom pop band Naps in Tallahassee, FL. She is currently an intern at Flowerbooking, lives at a house venue called Margaritaville, and is the certified #1 fan of the Bud Light Lime-A-Rita brand. She enjoys singing karaoke, beating boys at foosball, and crying to nineties romantic comedies in her spare time.