December 12, 2016

Premiere: Veiny Hands - "Dirty Sheets"

Check out a new song from Florida's Veiny Hands.

A few years ago, Ben Katzman of Boston's BUFU Records graciously made a mix for The Le Sigh. It featured artists such as Downtown Boys and Ian Sweet, who, at the time, were just beginning to make music waves. If you peek at BUFU's roster of past releases, you'll find a similar trend of artists who have only climbed in popularity since their time with the label. While BUFU remains a small operation between Katzman and Chris Collins, it's obvious they have a knack for working with some of brightest artists around. Therefore, when BUFU puts out a new release, you should probably pay attention.

Their latest signee comes not from the Northeast, but smack dab in the middle of Florida. Veiny Hands is a four-piece who have been around a little more than a year but only have a single here and there available for your listening pleasure. This is unfortunate as their drawled-out twist on both backwater country and garage rock will only leave you wanting more. It brings back the days of finding bands like Harlem and The Bitters deep in the web, only to never hear from them again. But Veiny Hands have no intention of disappearing, as BUFU is releasing their first official EP in the near future. Tide yourself over 'til the full release with their latest single "Dirty Hands," which you can hear below.


Listen to Veiny Hands on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson