December 21, 2016

Premiere: Philippa Zang - "Tongues and Boobs"

Listen to the first track from Philippa Zang's debut tape.

Our lives are filled with subtle weirdness that we tend to forget about. What are the chances that we'll remember stumbling upon a lost earring or a random invitation to church by a stranger in one, five, ten years? Our brains get so crowded that we fail to remember the details that make each day unique. We don't notice the fact that every time we lose something and someone else finds it, you're connected in a small, special way. Philippa Zang, an artist who's internationally based in both Dresden and Pittsburgh, explores these fleeting moments on the track "Tongues and Boobs" off their new album, embarrass yourself. Zang initially showed promise last year when they posted quick bursts of stripped-down EPs and songs on bandcamp. But embarrass yourself marks a turning point for Zang as they step into their role as both a full-fledged musician and storyteller.

Earlier this year, Zang collaborated with friend Sam Hagensen on an EP under the name Laurel, a band they describe as "two piece hardcore bby pop." The four demos are an incredibly underrated set of scuzzy pop songs that echo bands like Trailer Trash Tracys and Tickley Feather. embarrass yourself, which will come out on No Dice Tapes early next year, has Zang combining the narrative lyricism of earlier solo work with the youthful catchiness of the Laurel EP. On "Tongues and Boobs," Zang twists tiny encounters like a pancake date and finding lost jewelry into something more surreal and fascinating. Through tapping drums and and jolts of synth, they indirectly remind us to take stock in the seemingly mundane moments that take up our time. The song is most perfectly encapsulated in the riddle-like line, "It's a long year to wait / We've got nothing to lose / But our tongues and our boobs." Listen to "Tongues and Boobs" below and read some words about the track from Zang.

Philippa Zang on "Tongues and Boobs":

"'tongues and boobs', like most of the songs on embarrass yourself, was recorded in my bedroom in dresden, germany, and started out as a guitar loop that i played over and over again until it inspired me to tell a story. a lot of my lyrics come from peculiar details of everyday events, embellished by some fiction, like the way that every time you remember something, you remember it slightly differently, with new context or characters involved. tongues and boobs emerged from concrete events—new friendships, visiting amsterdam, changes with body and communication—but was manipulated through many layers of sound and recollection."


Listen to Philippa Zang on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson