December 9, 2016

Premiere: Fern Mayo - "New Ketamine"

Watch the video for Fern Mayo's "New Ketamine."

Fern Mayo has been charming crowds around New York City since 2013 with their impressive live shows and distinct sound. Katie Capri’s songwriting carries the intimacy and openness of an emotionally packed vignette, allowing the listener into the scribbled margins of her diary. Capri has a curious range; she posses a low, clear, expressive voice that communicates tender-hearted vulnerability. Opener “Pinesol” deals with lost love and the general numbness that follows it. Bellowing guitars lurk behind Capri’s verses as she reflects, “It’s not like you’re the one I miss / It’s the principle of it.” Capri conjures power within every line she speaks. Her soft chants build into an anthemic roar as she sings, “What would you do different / If you knew you wouldn’t get everything they promised / If you just stay stay still a bit longer.”

“New Ketamine” teeters between atonal uneasiness at times while breaking into roaring upheavals at others. Rip-roaring hooks and woozy guitars build as the song reaches a cathartic high point when Capri shrieks, “Tradition seems useless to me / Tradition seems content to continually / Kill the i and the team.” Her emotive wails linger over reverb-drenched guitar licks, creating an unyielding sense of momentum. As the song slowly dies out we are left with Capri’s final words, "Who do you listen to?” It's a dire sentiment that only becomes more complicated as we grow older. In the video for “New Ketamine,” directed by Dan Colanduno of Littler, Capri enters in and out of frame as colors are heightened and distorted. An endless swarm of bright lights follows Capri’s every move, as she throws shapes into an empty room. Bright lights and constantly changing contrast give this video a cathartic feeling, punching straight into the heart of Fern Mayo’s power-punk sound. With all the grime and grit in the world, Fern Mayo continue to ram their way through every door in their path. Sad Cactus Records will be issuing Hex Signs to cassette and will feature the debut track “SS Ari,” which will be exclusive to the physical tape release. You can pre-order the tape here or grab a copy at the release show on December 14th at Silent Barn with Washer, Yucky Duster, and Hellrazor.

Katie Capri on "New Ketamine":

"I wanted to do something fun with Dan before he left Philly for LA. I really liked the videos he did for Littler and his other band Slow Animal. One of the videos he did for Slow Animal played with planes of light and the human form, which reminded me of a photo I found of Meryl Streep, with a black background and one ray of light across her face. We met up one night and filmed everything, me dancing in front of a projector. I felt like I was dancing alone to my own song. Then Dan stitched together shots into what is now this video."


Fern Mayo Tour Dates:

December 10 @ All Nite Diner, Philadelphia *
December 14 @ Silent Barn, Brooklyn ~Tape Release Show~ 
January 5 @ Shea Stadium, Brooklyn 
January 11 Montclair, NJ @ tbd ^ 
January 12 Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong ^ 
January 13 Philadelphia @ All Nite Diner ^ 
January 14 tbd 
January 15 Albany, NY @ Relief Theater ^ 
January 16 Burlington, VT @ Monkey House ^ 
January 17 Northampton, MA @ Flywheel ^ 
January 18 Boston @ Middle East Upstairs ^ 
January 19 Brooklyn @ Silent Barn ^ 

^ with Human People

Listen to Fern Mayo on bandcamp.

Photo by Sarah Ruderrow

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