December 6, 2016

EP: THICK - It's Always Something...

THICK makes dissatisfaction sound like a blast on their new EP.

The band is tearing through their set. They're spitting beer into the crowd, flipping their hair, and breaking into fits of laughter during the instrumental parts of their garage-punk songs. The playful moshpit of girls in the front is rowdy enough that I spill my rosé down my front but I don’t care. The band is THICK, and the songs in question are from their newest EP, It’s Always Something... On the album, the band makes joyful noise that comes off like a more visceral version of Human People or a less beach-y version of The Courtneys. “I’m 26, I’m sick of this, I’m not a kid anymore,” they sing on opener “Anymore,” which makes dissatisfaction sound like a blast. The band’s bursting, bubbling energy is balanced out by their lilting harmonies. But THICK doesn't spend too much time making sure their harmonies are pristine - they’re too busy shredding with dorky grins on their faces. “You play guitar and I’ll try to sing,” they sing on “Puke’s Diner,” right after they decide who’s responsible for the weed and beer.

On "Wasting My Time," you can hear their smiles coming through the sound waves of their wah-ooooo’s. This sense of camaraderie and friendship puts these rowdy Brooklynites in the same spirit of contemporary band Hinds. But unlike the Madrid quartet, THICK’s roughness is connected to their aggression and frustration with the life of debauchery they choose to embody. This doesn't stop them from having a knack for crafting catchy hooks, which would explain the wealth of people singing along at their show. “Anymore” in particular will stay in your head for days. With topical lyrics like “I got that apartment in Bushwick and now I’m bored,” you get the feeling that this will be the kind of tape you come across in three years and have it instantly transport you to this current moment in time. It makes me almost want to be back in high school so I can drive through suburbia, blasting it on my Volvo’s tape deck. Their songs remain poppy enough that I’m sure even my non-punk friends will be singing along at their shows. If you're considering seeing them play, I'll be right in the front, spilling my glass of rosé.


Listen to THICK on bandcamp.

Mo Wilson is a writer who enjoys collecting posters and still has a CD player. You can find him on twitter @sadgayfriendx.