December 13, 2016

7": Bruiser Queen - Telepathic Mind

Bruiser Queen's latest 7" strikes the perfect balance of surf pop and punk.

As experienced punk rockers, Bruiser Queen’s newest 7” is perfect for the angst that we've all been feeling lately. Although only two songs, this short EP maintains the punky boost that Bruiser Queen delivered on their Swear LP. “Telepathic Mind” is the first of two songs on the 7” and vibrates with Bruiser Queen’s usual unstoppable energy. Drummer Jason Potter begins the song with a dynamic beat, quickly followed by Morgan Nusbaum’s bellowing vocals. Nusbaum sings with punctuated emphasis, “I’m freaking out tonight / My telepathic mind is high!” Potter’s consistent drumming combined with Nusbaum’s powerful lyrics result in the perfect surf-pop-punk song. Although less beach-y than a band like Peach Kelli Pop, Bruiser Queen’s buoyant edginess carries the first of the two songs away from strictly gritty punk.

Compared to their more recent EPs, this 7” sticks to the band's formula but with handfuls of blue and red pop rocks thrown into the mix. The second song on the 7”, “Rainbow in the Dark,” is slightly more mellow than the A-side as the bass and drums introduce the song. The beginning of “Rainbow in the Dark” feels more reminiscent of their past work as Nusbaum sings, “Do your demons / Do they ever let you go?” Almost immediately, Bruiser Queen switches tones, abandoning the sunny pop for rock and roll. Nusbaum’s quivering vocals are elongated throughout the song as Potter’s drum beats begin to take over. When Nusbaum emerges after an instrumental bridge, she repeats the phrase: “Like a rainbow in the dark / You’re a rainbow in the dark,” an homage to the climactic tendencies of classic songs. It concludes with a subtle fade out, complimenting the bouncy entrance of the drums and bass in “Telepathic Mind.” The shift in sound and mood within the two songs leaves listeners wanting more, and wondering when they will be graced with Bruiser Queen’s dynamic energy again.


Listen to Bruiser Queen on bandcamp.

Amelia Eskenazi is a feminist and gender studies and art student at Colorado College. In their free time, they enjoy collaging boxes, dying their hair at 2 am, and eating freeze pops in the shower. Their political pondering and rants can be found on Twitter and their photographic outbursts can be found on Instagram at photobscura_ and a_eskenazi.