November 20, 2016

Split: Gorgeous Bully - Nothing To Do

Gorgeous Bully gives the gift of a split with Whorish Boorish.

Manchester’s Gorgeous Bully was slated to release a brand new split this past June, which was unfortunately delayed due to issues at the records’ pressing plant. As a public way of apologizing to their fans, they digitally released the split Nothing To Do / Never Be The Man that had the band collaborating with Whorish Boorish's Rebecca Lima. "Nothing To Do" is a throwback fuzzy, lo-fi track at its finest. The layering of Lima’s vocals alongside her male counterpart repeatedly expressing, "Nothing to do but dream of you," molds together to form the sound of a collective lusty sigh. Rather than a bored, negative expression of emotion, it’s optimistic, loving, dream-like and bubbly. It leaves you feeling as though you’re floating down a boardwalk on the beach, hand-in-hand with someone on a sunny, crisp day. The track gracefully captures the essence of the beautiful yet inescapable mundanity of being unable to think of anyone or anything other than someone you’re really, really vibing with. 

The second half of the split, "Never Be The Man," is more of a bare-bones take for the two artists and offers an opposing side to "Nothing To Do." It’s colder and more gray than the A-side and shows off Gorgeous Bully's capability of diversifying their sound. The track is reminiscent of the starkest of Bright Eyes songs, and describes the feeling when you realize when someone else doesn’t turn out to be the person you hoped they would be. It’s a beautiful track where the stripped-down vocals and instrumentation work well together to uncover of a feeling of empty sorrow. While we wish only the smoothest of sailing for Gorgeous Bully’s career here on out, we are (admittedly selfish but) very thankful for this teaser, which features two lovely, quintessential bedroom songs.


Listen to Gorgeous Bully on bandcamp.

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