November 2, 2016

Premiere: Shellshag - "50/50"

Check out the trippy new video for Shellshag's "50/50."

If you've attended a DIY show in the last five to ten-ish years, there's a very high chance you've been to one where Shellshag was on the bill. The duo behind the band, Jen Shag and John Shell, are true OGs who have been spreading punk positivity since first meeting in San Francisco in the nineties. In the last two decades, they've started Starcleaner Records, opened a film studio in New York, and hosted their own variety show - in addition to releasing a handful of albums and touring the country countless times. Shellshag acts as a beacon of light in a music scene, especially in New York, that can feel incredibly cyclical and cynical. They're living proof that you can keep doing what you love without it ever getting old or fading away as trends come and go.

We're very excited (and somewhat not worthy) to bring you Shellshag's latest video for "50/50," a song off their 2015 LP on Don Giovanni Records, called Why'd I Have to Get So High? The video matches the comical, wacky tone of the album title and their past Shellshonic Shag-o-Vision web series. But don't just get distracted by the massive chess set and kaleidoscope images of the pair floating around a blood red room. They manage to weave into the song a deeper message of the power dynamics in a partnership. The "50/50" video, which they also filmed and directed, is very consistent with the Shellshag aesthetic - there's humor and weirdness, but in a sincere, affecting way that has made them belovedly unique since their beginnings. You can watch the video for "50/50" below and catch them on tour with Vacation before they wrap it up on November 6th in Brooklyn.

Shellshag on "50/50":

"The video for '50/50,' a song about equal balance between two people in a relationship, is symetrical and visually balanced and uses a chess set my grandma Nana made for me long ago as a representation of that balanced concept."


Shellshag Tour Dates:
11/2 - Washington, DC Black Cat DC *
11/3 - Baltimore, MD - The Sidebar w/ Homosuperior [link] *
11/4 - Philly - Nacho House w/ Humanshapes, Swanning [link] *
11/5 - Worchester, MA - The Firehouse w/ GNäRDS, Uh-Huh [link] *
11/6 - Brooklyn, NY - The Silent Barn w/ Prima + Palberta [link] *
* w/ Vacation

Listen to Shellshag on soundcloud.

Written by Emily Thompson