November 17, 2016

Premiere: Lilith - "Loaded"

Stream a new song from Boston band Lilith.

Boston’s music scene has long been a hotbed for emerging talent. From underground punk shows to DIY fests and showcases, bands like The Le Sigh faves Speedy Ortiz, Ian Sweet, and Parasol found their audience in the seedy basements of Boston but have since relocated to New York and Olympia. The silver lining to beloved local bands moving is knowing the torch will soon be passed to new acts, ensuring the preservation of Boston’s DIY legacy. 

Enter Lilith, a pop rock outfit repping Allston, MA. Comprised of Hannah Liuzzo, Kelsey Rose Francis, and Alex Bourne, the trio has just released their new single “Loaded.” The hazy track, with expertly layered vocal harmonies that would make the Deal sisters proud, is an exercise in grappling with critiques. Liuzzo sings, “Hold this side or waste and whine / Change your mind or compromise,” a simple enough sentiment that can be applied to relationships or, perhaps more pertinent, the decision to rid your feed of Republicans for the sake of your mental health. Lilith’s debut EP Apology Plant is due out February 3rd via Disposable America, which you can pre-order here. And if you find yourself in Boston soon, be sure to check out Disposable America’s hometown showcase at Great Scott on November 29th.

Hannah Liuzzo on “Loaded”:

“'Loaded' is a pep talk and reminder to gracefully handle criticism and rejection with poise: a careful blend of understanding and skepticism. Be receptive enough to know which critiques are of value, be resilient enough to know which to write off.”


Listen to Lilith on Soundcloud.

Photo by Nick DiNatale

Written by Taylor Silver