November 14, 2016

LP: Leor Miller - Transgender Superspace

Leor Miller's Transgender Superspace plays straight to the heart.

Leor Miller's strength as an artist lies in their willingness to lay out bare bones emotions. Miller’s self-portraits are equally reflective as they are honest, centering in on themes of gender dysphoria and youthful existentialism. Keeping up in the vein of bedroom pop, Miller records and writes all of their music at Bard College or in their hometown of Evanston, Illinois. They’ve released an extensive and staggering discography of EPs, songs, and albums on bandcamp since the start of 2014. In their tenth album since only October, Transgender Superspace explores specific feelings of uncertainty while battling with struggles of gender identity. 

Soft warbles of synth build “Swim Myself” as Miller’s vocals waver between brave and broken. Miller has mastered the craft of creating music with clear moments of emotional relief, while still surprising listeners with tension breaks. Each song contains the brevity of an intense vignette that grapples with insecurity and bubbling anxiety. “Comet Vomit” hits on meditative drum loops and impassioned croons; “I become the mud on your shoes / The light from your comet / Illuminates the vomit on my shoes.” Miller's words are strangely sweet, all melancholy considered. Just like dreams, their songs pulse on airwaves that are both viscerally familiar and also slightly out of touch with the world we’ve come to live in. Transgender Superspace is sonically surprising, lyrically mature, and a logical step forward for Miller as they continue to develop and expand their sound. Miller’s music shivers with emotional intimacy and confrontational lyrics that demonstrates one of the best things about bedroom pop - music that cuts through all the intricacies of mastering and mixing and just plays straight to the heart.

Leor Miller on Transgender Superspace:

“Transgender Superspace is the tenth album I’ve put out since last October, I wrote this album in September and October of 2016. My writing process varies between songs, but I think the process for this album ended up being a lot different than the process I was going through while writing previous albums. Lyrically, the album revolves around the ideas of trans-visibility, mental health, and most commonly these feelings of alienation and hyper (in)visibility are described through space/galaxy/celestial metaphors, which I only realized was a lyrical motif after I had finished writing the album. This is the first album I’ve written with effects pedals in the writing process, rather than altering the tracks after having recorded them. It’s allowed for a more spacious/ambient feeling in the music, but also allows for more experimentation with rhythm, space, texture, etc.Transgender Superspace is a call for all gender-non-conforming and trans people to begin making moves to create an outerspace transgender commune."


Listen to Leor Miller on bandcamp.

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