November 22, 2016

EP: Sure, Jan - meme demo

Sure, Jan's meme demo is a short yet poignant listen.

If you watched the Brady Bunch as much as I did, you might remember the scene from A Very Brady Sequel when Jan tells her family about her new “boyfriend” George Glass. Marcia immediately crushes her dreams with her apprehensive response, “Sure, Jan.” I can relate, Jan. It’s so easy to get caught up in our delusions and fantasies in order to hide our insecurities and self-doubt. It’s even easier to emphasize, hyper-analyze, and even memorialize our flaws, our more-than-common mistakes and awkward encounters. So when our confidence is shaken by the Marcias of the world, it’s important to know that we aren’t alone in our imperfections, however constructed they may be by our overly-critical minds. North Carolina-based Sure, Jan invites us into a personal narration of her own uncertainty and anxiety that involves sweaty palms, stained shirts, and bad jokes in her newly released meme demo.

The first song off meme demo, "Barb's Song", noted as an autobiographical dedication to a friend, can be perceived as a journal entry with monologue-quality vocals that provide the rhythm over the minimal backdrop of guitar. Sure, Jan’s candid thoughts and feelings are expressed in her lyrics, “Another awkward mistake, I try to forgot those / Some night when I can’t sleep, then I’ll remember / Feeling sorry for myself, alone in my bedroom.” By sharing these insecurities, Sure, Jan manages to create a sense of empowerment, owning these incredibly natural human qualities and experiences that connect us all. The following song, "Cacti," displays this new sense of strength and resolve, stating "I'm not a flower / You're such a prick / What can I say? / You just make me sick.” Sure, Jan unapologetically claims her own skin in this song, shedding her self-conscious cloak from before and unveiling a new side of herself. Each song is raw and striped down, creating an intimate and visceral experience that is enhanced by Sure, Jan’s sincere and cathartic writing. The final song, "Stand in Heaven," displays a sense of acceptance with her delicate vocals singing “I do think less is more / And simply living’s fine / I wanna stand in heaven / I should just fall in line.” meme demo is a short listen, but a poignant one that can be frequently revisited. It conveys the range of emotion we travel through daily, and our ability to work through these feelings constructively to ultimately come to terms with who we are.


Listen to Sure, Jan on bandcamp.

Carolina Delgado is an over-sharer and bad whisperer whose primary love language is physical touch. She resides in Margaritaville and is in a long-term relationship with Aubrey Graham. However, her relationship with reality is tenuous at best. She dreams of a day when guac isn’t extra.