October 7, 2016

Split: Thanks For Coming / Glamour Hotline

Thanks For Coming and Glamour Hotline's split fits together like two puzzle pieces.

Thanks For Calling is where your thoughts go when you’re at a party but you’d rather be home, comfortable and possibly asleep. You keep trying to talk to people and engage in conversation but ultimately you're elsewhere. It’s that feeling of being asked "Where are you?" and not really knowing how to respond. It’s putting your guard up and only letting it down when you are absolutely sure you are safe. The split EP that features music from Chicago’s Glamour Hotline and Thanks For Coming is first and foremost a punk record. There are brutally good lines of bass and guitar that weave through the album’s short 20 minute running time. However, what removes the split from just a standard well-played punk record is in its lyrics. It’s not that what the members of Glamour Hotline and Thanks For Calling sing is particularly complicated. In "Apartment," the second song of the EP, vocalist Haley Jordanna sings over and over: “Aren’t you glad I let you in?” In “U Only Have Your Camera Out When I Cry,” Thanks For Coming shares what it’s like to be bummed out as hell. The title is self-explanatory, as Rachel Brown switches between singing the title of the song and singing the line, “You only hold your arms out when I’m fine.” It’s a song about someone who is never there when you need them, who almost takes pleasure in seeing you sad and fucked up.

Sonically, the split fits together like two matching puzzle pieces. Glamour Hotline has a delightful and brooding blues edge to their otherwise aggressive sound. Thanks For Coming is brighter to the point of being almost pop-y, taking notes from the vast bedroom pop scene. Thanks For Calling makes a lot of sense as having an A-side and a B-side; it’s a split with two perfectly compatible sounds. Listening to it is an exercise in really getting both ends of the spectrum of good DIY punk. It’s an album you can mosh to but it’s also the kind of album you can cry to alone in your car. Thanks For Calling celebrates “lamp shades and lemonades,” that unmistakable feeling of needing to be alone, and being ultimately being content with where you’re going. The album is good old-fashioned shout-all-the-lyrics punk rock that you’ll have in your head forever.


Listen to Thanks for Coming and Glamour Hotline on bandcamp.

S. Frances Kemp is a D.C-based freelance music writer. She's a student at Oberlin College where she studies Comparative Literature and French. You can follow her on twitter @sophiefkemp.