October 14, 2016

Premiere: Squirrel Flower - "Not Your Prey"

Listen to a new song from Boston's Squirrel Flower.

Squirrel Flower delivers heart-swelling beauty and elegant strokes of lyricism on her new single, “Not Your Prey,” off her sophomore release Contact Sports. Ella Williams' songwriting demonstrates a maturity from her earlier releases with a newfound assurance, steadiness, and clarity to her voice. “Not Your Prey” feels immediate, with an urgency of revealing your deepest secrets to a close friend in the late hours of the night. Williams details a fraught and destructive relationship unfolding, singing,“I feel you lurking on the moon / Hiding my back making me shiver.” Her honeyed vocals combine the delicate croons of Angel Olsen with the heartfelt conviction of Mitski. Williams darkest moments prove to be both empowering and unnerving, as though startled by her own strength. Her confidence shines through with a searing autonomy, “If you touch me I won’t be still / I’m not your predator / I’m not your prey / I’m not your kill.” Williams' voice rises over the distortion that kicks in during the final minutes of the song, even her last words are enrapturing, “Give up all of my belongings / The little things / Is to be free of the chains that keep me here lying in your arms.” At one moment she feels empowered by her solitude (“alone I’m a star”) but then again, falling back into the volatility of love. Contact Sports will be out via It Takes Time Records this winter and you can listen to "Not Your Prey" below.

Ella Williams on "Not Your Prey":

"The entire album deals with personal experiences embracing vulnerability and being radically comfortable within myself. "Not Your Prey" is largely about reclaiming spaces where I have felt unsafe and unable to take up space in a comfortable way. Maybe it’s a concert where the bands are all cis-men and singing misogynistic lyrics. Maybe it’s the music or art world in general. Maybe it’s a house party. The song is about my experience of working through that initial fear, and then taking back that space and reclaiming it as my own."


Listen to Squirrel Flower on bandcamp.

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