October 3, 2016

Premiere: Izzy True - "Sex Ghost"

Izzy True celebrates the spookiest of seasons with a new video.

It's officially October, which means the countdown to Halloween is in full swing. After a brutal summer, the Internet has basically turned into the video of the newscaster dancing with a pumpkin over their head. It's time to indulge in all the candy corn your stomach can handle and all of the horror movies available on Netflix for the next thirty-ish days. While it might not have been intentional, Izzy True's new video for their song "Sex Ghost" is the perfect ode to the spookiest of seasons.

"Sex Ghost" is one of the final tracks off Izzy True's standout record that came out via Don Giovanni Records at the end of August. The short video captures some sort of twisted courtship between star Beau Mahadev and the titular sex ghost. It contains all the makings of a typical horror film - there's animal masks, a very dark abandoned barn, and ghost murder. But even the biggest of scaredy cats can enjoy the video, as there's humor in the sheer surrealness of the situation (vocalist Izzy Reidy describes it as "v silly").  You can check out the video below and if you're in Chicago, you can see the band IRL on October 9.


Listen to Izzy True on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson