October 21, 2016

Premiere: Gland - "Cram It"

Gland's new video proves you can be a badass at any age.

Gland's "Cram It" demands your attention. It's an explosive opener to their debut album Neurotica that cemented Gland as one of the most badass bands to come out of the South. "Cram It" acts as a call to arms - the moment vocalist Kallie Van Tassel begins shouting, "I'm not crying anymore / I'm not trying anymore," you can physically feel yourself blown away by its power. The message is boisterous, aggressive, and absolutely necessary. It's rare that a band with underrepresented members takes on an attitude that's bursting at the seams with confidence. On "Cram It" and Neurotica as a whole, Gland teaches us that we can stand up and say "fuck you" to anyone who messes with us, which is a lesson that's often forgotten. Sometimes, we're the ones who are on the right side of the fight.

Gland's new video acts as the physical embodiment of "Cram It." It begins with tiny doppelgangers of the band getting ready for the day by perfecting their winged eyeliner and donning leather jackets. They're the younger versions of ourselves that we wish we could have been – they roll their eyes in the face of taunting boys and pick up their instruments without any hesitation. The grown up, real life members of Gland have just as much spunk as their mini-mes. They prove that they're the coolest gang around as they bike through the outskirts of town, graffiti a wall, and set off an explosive fire. Gland isn't necessarily here to make dudes cry, but they will if they have to. If you're lucky enough to be in NOLA, you can catch them at Community Records Fest on 10/22. Watch the video from "Cram It" below along with some words from the band.

Kallie Van Tassel on "Cram It":

"My favorite part of the video is where we got to shoot George Zimmerman in the face. This video wouldn't have been made if it weren't for some really enthusiastic local maniacs that donated so much of their time and fancy equipment to us trash people. Some Glands just want to watch the world burn."


Listen to Gland on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson