October 11, 2016

LP: Earth Heart - Homesick

Earth Heart's latest album will take hold of you 
whether you're in motion or standing still.

Seconds into Earth Heart’s new LP Homesick, it became obvious to me that this was the kind of band that demanded to be seen live. Not because there’s anything lacking in the recordings, but rather, while listening you can practically feel Katie Coriander, the band’s singer and guitarist, jumping in time with the punchy lyrics and you’ll want to join her. In fact, and I offer no explanation for this, I found this album so much more satisfying to listen to while moving; maybe walking, or running like Coriander does for a split second in the music video for “Demons.”

Sometimes when the music is good enough, we can be content in not fully understanding why it is. To quote a line from the album, “if it works, it works.” And the combination of Coriander’s playful vocals and the high energy of Matt Axten (drums) and Natan Keyes (bass) on Homesick definitely works. There are only a handful of lines in “Tom Doesn’t Care,” but Coriander repeats each one several times, like some kind of acting exercise. Each repetition is a little sloppier, more exaggerated than the one previous, mocking the apathetic posturing of the titular “Tom.” Coriander’s not afraid to get gross and guttural, but she never loses control of the song nor our attention. “Providence” begins slowly with the predictability of a distorted nursery rhyme or maybe a sea shanty before erupting into a loud, beautiful sprint. “Fire Song” stands out as one of the slower songs on Homesick, allowing the listener to isolate each of the band’s layers and appreciate a more thoughtful side of this Boston band. Regardless of the pace, Homesick is an album that will take hold of you whether you're in motion or standing still.


Listen to Earth Heart on bandcamp.

Ana Bauer is a frizzy-haired girl and student at Bard College who tweets from @anadelray when she isn’t talking about Twitter in real life.