October 7, 2016

EP: Jody - Jody

Jody's first EP effortlessly captures the beauty of grunge pop.

Jody’s new self titled EP is jam packed with infectiously catchy hooks under lots of dreamy reverb, but still manages to remain fun and relaxed. The Los Angeles trio, comprised of Greg Shilton, Van Shydner, and Raychel Tubul effortlessly captures the beauty of grunge pop in these two tracks. Although this appears to be the band's first appearance on the Internet, the two-song release is as charming as their stick figure portraits on the EP's album cover.

The first song, “Lull,” is one of upbeat dissatisfaction as it repeats in the chorus, “I’d rather fall in love with you” in an oscillating melody. The line “Wait until the time seems right / Wait until my heart gets ripe” illustrates trying to feel something that isn’t there. The second track “Blue” has all of the character of California slacker rock but with every beat in time and every fraction of the song falling perfectly into place. The unique choice of speeding up in the middle to break it up from becoming monotonous makes this track more interesting than most slow garage jams. After a final chorus, the drums become the highlight, closing the song with a primarily tom-based beat. This wonderful pair of singles brings the sounds of California to wherever you are, and extends your summer to any month of the year.


Listen to Jody on bandcamp.

Katryn Macko is a Virgo living in Chicago, IL, who was a former member of the bedroom pop band Naps in Tallahassee, FL. She is currently an intern at Flowerbooking, lives at a house venue called Margaritaville, and is the certified #1 fan of the Bud Light Lime-A-Rita brand. She enjoys singing karaoke, beating boys at foosball, and crying to nineties romantic comedies in her spare time.