September 27, 2016

Premiere: Lilac Daze - "So Confused"

Take a first listen of Lilac Daze's new track.

On Lilac Daze’s latest single, “So Confused”, vocalist Patti Kotrady has a revelation: “It’s even easier to see that it’s not about me.” The track, which is an exercise in accepting one’s own uncertainty and ultimately “staying in your lane”, is contrasted with its big, brazen sound. The driving Milk ’n’ Cookies-esque power pop riff and swirling, minute-long outro are anthemic and urgent; it’s a theme song for millennials if I ever heard one.

The Maryland indie punk trio is comprised of Evan Braswell on guitar/vox, Patti Kotrady on bass/vox, and Matt Henry on drums/vox. The band’s debut full-length is due out October 14th on Black Numbers. To tide you over until then, stream the Lilac Daze’s third single, “So Confused”, below.

Lilac Daze on "So Confused":

"'So Confused' tackles the challenges of learning, especially within the contexts of inexperience or privilege. It's easy to become indifferent or embarrassed when confronted with a new idea. It's ultimately about challenging yourself to be empathetic and educated about issues that may not affect you directly."


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Written by Taylor Silver