September 21, 2016

Premiere: Amy O - "Honeysuckle"

Watch the dreamy video for Amy O's "Honeysuckle."

As a child, I used to spend entire days in the woods behind my house building stick forts and eating honeysuckles with my neighborhood best friend.  Listening to Amy O has the power to bring up old memories like this one; the group's newest album Arrow will likely make you feel wrapped in a blanket of cozy nostalgia. The Bloomington, Indiana-based four piece is the eponymous project of Amy Oelsner, who is also 1/2 of Brenda's Friend. In addition, the band features Justin Vollmar on drums, Chris Clements on guitar, and Madeline Robinson, of Nice Try, on bass and backing vocals.

We're excited to share the group's first music video for the song "Honeysuckle," off their latest release Arrow, which came out in February off Let's Pretend Records. Filmed by
Bethany Lumsdaine and Jessie Grubb and animated by Hadley Gephart, the dreamy music video for this track is the perfect way to end summer. Read about the song's inspiration and watch the video below.

Amy Oelsner on the video for "Honeysuckle":

"I wrote the song 'Honeysuckle' shortly after a close friend moved out of town. It's about the emotional life cycle of relationships (new and old) and how people will phase in and out of your life in somewhat mysterious ways. It's an exercise in acceptance and appreciation for the little deaths we experience in our day to day lives. The video was made in a collaborative fashion with 3 women whose art I really admire – Bethany Lumsdaine, Jessie Grubb and Hadley Gephart. Bethany and Jessie filmed and edited and Hadley did the animation. It's an end of summer, moody dreamscape – exploring impressions of the heart through movement and color."


Listen to Amy O on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo