September 28, 2016

EP: vivienxo - w84u

Step into vivienxo's sentimental and surreal dreamworld.

Dream pop by definition is a genre that focusses just as much on a song's atmosphere and texture as it does on its melody. My favorite type of songs are the airy ones; otherworldly soundscapes and lush vocals that could quite literally score a lucid dream. vivienxo is one of those Internet artists whose songs seem crafted to soundtrack an ethereal, out of body experience. Her debut EP entitled w84u is both sentimental and surreal in its own right. Spanning no more than 10 minutes, the three song electro release melds soft climatic beats with bold, in-your-face lyrics that relentlessly tell it like it is.

In opening and title track "w84u", the catchy chorus glitters as vivienxo whispers "never thought I could be missing you so much / never thought your heart could be so cold to me." She's conflicted; in this track, fed up and frustrated by her partner's frequent disappointments but also at moments, infatuated enough to miss this person hopelessly. In following song "fvck me", she accepts that her relationship isn't genuine, real love. Instead of running in the opposite direction, vivenxo immerses herself in this delusional romance asking her sweetheart to go all the way "I know you don't love me but I don't care / fvck me til I'm not sad anymore." Her approach to this relationship, opting to "pretend" instead of facing reality, may not make the best self-preservation method but at the very least it makes for a good escapist pop song. 


Listen to vivienxo on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo