August 22, 2016

Track: Forth Wanderers - "Slop"

Forth Wanderers emotes all of your post-grad frustrations.

The youngest member of Forth Wanderers may have just graduated from high school, but the Montclair, New Jersey band hasn’t outgrown their signature angst in their new track “Slop.” And that’s a good thing. There’s this “My world’s falling apart, but it’s really not, so I’m trying not to take myself too seriously,” quality about Forth Wanderers that, when executed well, feels like the only thing that’s real in music. That attitude is exactly what the band delivers with “Slop,” the title track of their four-track EP coming out November 11th.

On “Slop,” Ava Trilling, the lead singer and lyricist, emotes what, at least for me, is a quintessentially post-high school frustration of outgrowing yourself while simultaneously feeling like you haven’t grown as much as you should have. “Things change / I’m still young / I stay the same / Nothing’s been done.” “The song exists in this space of irresolvable contradictions. Trilling’s lyrics sketch out a person who’s wise and composed, “New fears they get old too / They’ll get old soon,” one minute and fundamentally overwhelmed the next, “Oh where did I go wrong? / I can’t think straight.” Maybe it’s because Trilling acknowledges these inconsistencies so earnestly that every word she sings feels true.


Listen to Forth Wanderers on bandcamp.

Ana Bauer is a frizzy-haired girl and student at Bard College who tweets from @anadelray when she isn’t talking about Twitter in real life.