August 9, 2016

Track: Emily Yacina and Cleo Tucker - "Sunday"

Emily Yacina and Cleo Tucker share a beautiful cover of The Cranberries.

Both Emily Yacina and Girlpool's Cleo Tucker let us look in. But don’t call their songs “raw,” the lyrics didn’t slip out from anyone’s diary. Their intensity is calculated to aim for the softest spots. On Yacina’s “All The Things,” she tops heavy admissions with the L-word. Caring can be exhausting, especially for a generation that cowards toward ambivalence and a secure absence of emotional responsibility. Girlpool takes its own leap of faith on songs like “Chinatown,” where Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker’s voices rise to ask, “If I told you I loved you, would you take it the wrong way?” Who knows how these thoughts will sound once they stream outside of your own headspace? You’ll never find out until you share, but it often seems like there couldn’t be anything scarier.

Yacina and Tucker remind us as they cover The Cranberries, a band intent on dismissing the notion of “oversharing” before it was even a thing. “Sunday” is one of Dolores O’Riordan’s most accurate emotional testimonies. It’s a collage of questions, stuck together with strings. Tucker and Yacina opt for a drum machine, but keep the confusion (caught up in your feelings, that can feel like the only constant). The pair of low, stable vocals coalesce to form a single narrative, one that we can all recognize, though it materializes differently. O’Riordan, for one, “could never find the words to say, ‘I love you’” or “the time to say, ‘I need you.’” Realistically, those admissions take more than time. They take major courage. There’s no shortage of bravery between Tucker and Yacina, but even the brave need to stop for deep breaths sometimes.


Listen to Emily Yacina here and Cleo Tucker here.


Cory Lomberg is a student at Occidental College studying English and Comparative Literature. She enjoys blogging, baking, doing crossword puzzles and talking about her feelings.