August 9, 2016

Stream: Lié - Truth or Consequences

Stream the powerful new album from Vancouver's Lié.

Just yesterday, Pitchfork posted an extensive list that chronicled 33 songs that define feminist punk. It covers a lot of ground, but most importantly it shows the artists and bands that took control of their agency and threw it in the face of anyone who denied it. This list acts as a kind of road map that led to the sound and message behind Vancouver-based band Lié. The trio, comprised of members Brittany West, Ashlee Luk, and Katie J, have been churning out unhinged, pummeling punk for the last four years. But they go beyond just the musical styling that underlines the genre. Most notably is their unabashed discussion of rape culture, which was featured prominently on their debut album Consent. Now, the trio is back with their follow up Truth or Consequences, which shows no end to Lié's fierce tornado of intensity but adds another layer to their sound while they explore the human ego. Truth or Consequences will be out on August 12 on Monofonus Press, but you can pre-order it now here. Listen to the album below and prepare to be blown away.

Lié on Truth or Consequences:

"Both myself (Luk) and Britt West compose lyrical content separately but the direction of this album seemed to merge on the topic of the ego. Although the album still continues to address and challenge rape culture, another overarching theme that is consistent throughout the album is the conflation of identity and the ego. 'Truth or Consequences' was recorded with an emphasis on capturing more of the live sound of Lié than 'Consent' (2014)."

Lié August Tour Dates:
18th Portland w/ Chain of Flowers, Shadowhouse and Force Publique @ Holgare House
19th Oakland w/ Never Young at Good Mother Gallery
20th Santa Barbara
21st LA w/ Body of Light and Jock Club at Complex
22nd SLO
23rd SF the Knockout
24th Sacramento w/ All Your Sisters at Starlite 25th Olympia w/ Pinkish Black at the Obsidian

Listen to Lié on soundcloud.

Written by Emily Thompson