August 12, 2016

Premiere: Nightspace - "Dead Rose"

Listen to a new song from Seattle's Nightspace.

Weaving together hazy witch-pop, the synthy sounds of the ‘80s, and foggy, scratching dissonance, Nightspace seems on the brink of creating their own subgenre altogether. Self-categorized as “space punk,” the project of Bailey Skye is unafraid of crossing categorical boundaries and venturing into overgrown, wild spaces. In fact, their very identity challenges the cultural confines that stress homogeneity, rather than truth and genuine self-expression. Their new single, "Dead Rose," which will featured on their upcoming tape Birth/Decay, borrows from graveyard afternoons and solitary midnight subway rides. Minimalist and clean at its core, that doesn’t restrict Nightspace’s experimentation with jolting, otherworldly vibrations and alien melodies. We were lucky enough to chat with Skye about night swims, Alice Glass, and the importance of POC and queer spaces.

The Le Sigh: When did you decide that you first wanted to create music? What was that process like?

Bailey Skye: I've always enjoyed music but had never thought about making it, but I was curious and I got a synth when I was 16. I didn't have anyone who wanted to start a band with me, so I educated myself on gear until I had the tools to finally start writing songs on my own.

TLS: You've said you're a show organizer in Seattle that books 100% POC/non- binary/femme shows. Why did you decide to do that?

BS: It's very uplifting to our conventionally "oppressed" identities, so it's important and needs to happen. Most scenes are heavily cis/white/male dominated, basically, and being praised for shitty art. I wanted an alternative. We want something interesting that speaks to us on a level we can connect to. I feel a lot stronger when I'm surrounded by artists like me, we show solidarity with each other, which so many ignorant people refuse to or won't. I hadn't been to a show or even noticed the lack of representation until the first one I attended, I curated. There were so many people who noticed and thanked me for how powerful of a night it was – that's why it has to continue.

TLS: Is lack of representation a problem in the Seattle music scene? 

BS: Proper representation is kinda lacking everywhere. For that first show I curated I booked all my friends, who are naturally some of my favorite acts (DoNormaal, Lilac and Hoop), I didn't realize until later it happened to be all cute POC/queer people involved. I want these shows to be empowering and accessible. I'm in the female/non-binary/trans collective, TUF, which is providing a really beneficial platform to combat what Seattle's lacking. Ideally I'm helping this platform grow, to reach a bigger audience and for our voices to be amplified.

TLS: Do you have any shows like that one coming up or on your tour? 

BS: Actually yes! I'm having a tape release in NY, as well as Seattle, and made it a point to be an all-encompassing POC/queer show. I'm playing with my angel, Pastel Ghost, plus Moon Bear and Jimi Lucid who're both amazing.

TLS: Who're your style icons?

BS: Honestly Soko, Alice Glass, Bjork and FKA Twigs are constantly killin' it! Also all my friends and a lot of people on Instagram inspire me.

TLS: What was the first concert you ever went too? 

BS: Might've been Owl City...

TLS: We all have certain bands and albums that we love for certain situations, like train rides, crying alone in your room (or maybe with your cat), getting ready in the morning, etc. What situation or movie scene would you say "Dead Rose" soundtracks perfectly? 

BS: Intimacy, dreaming, or night swimming and the moon's reflection in the rippling open water. For a movie scene, a slow-motion rave with colored lights, someone doing drugs and dissociates, a sense of impending doom, people dancing but maybe a masked individual in the corner. Also, during a dreamy party scene in a horror film with a blurry, intimate hookup happening upstairs.


Nightspace Tour Dates

August 13th - Seattle, The Waterfront (between the Aquarium and the Wheel) w/ Youryoungbody and Briana Marela
August 14th - Arcata, The Bat Cave
 August 15th - SF, El Rio August 16th - Oakland, Oakland.Secret w/ Sister Mantos, Spellling, and Petheaven
August 18th - LA, Junior High
 August 22nd - Portland, TBA
August 23rd - Olympia, TBA
August 28th - NY Tape Release/Queer POC Show w/ Pastel Ghost, Moon Bear and Jimi Lucid, Trans-Pecos
September 22nd - Seattle Tape Release w/ Youryoungbody and DoNormaal, Kremwerk

Listen to Nightspace on soundcloud.

Lauren Ball, an investigative journalism student based in Chicago, IL. She's excited to help derail the patriarchy and overturn capitalistic power structures, but is trying not to get too dramatic here. Check out her work in American Songwriter Magazine, Highlight Magazine, Esoteric Zine, and her poetry in Sobotka Literary Magazine.