August 15, 2016

Premiere: Lizard Kisses - "Nothing Left"

Watch the video for Lizard Kisses' stunning new song.

“Nothing Left”, the latest single from Brooklyn's Lizard Kisses, is a meditation on the transitory nature of love. Vocalist Cory Siegler sings “Every time I say to you/ “Aren’t you scared things might fall apart?”/ Then you just say to me “Yes, but why should it matter?” Siegler’s bluntness is juxtaposed against the track’s romantic swell of violins and its Flamenco guitar; a foreboding end to a summer fling that will fizzle out with the changing of the autumn leaves.

Lizard Kisses is comprised of Siegler as well as Marc Merza, and their new compilation record Not Seeing Is A Flower includes members of Mutual Benefit, Florist, the Spookfish, and Share-a-tories. Below you can listen to “Nothing Left” and it’s highly recommended that you stare wistfully out a window while listening to it.

Lizard Kisses on the video for "Nothing Left" and "Sunrise":

"The video features two songs off the album, "Nothing Left" and "Sunrise". Despite the fact that they were written at very different times, both focus on the intricacies of navigating close relationships, taking inspiration from our own experiences. Much of the album is about dealing with conflict, trying to find resolution, and often being left with that which can't or won't be said."


Listen to Lizard Kisses on soundcloud.

Written by Taylor Silver