August 30, 2016

Premiere: Lisa/Liza - "Deserts of Youth"

Stream a new track from Lisa/Liza's debut album.

There comes a time towards the end of summer when the season just isn't as enjoyable anymore. The heat starts to feel physically suffocating as you drag yourself out of the house, wondering why you're leaving the comfort of your AC (or why you're still even using it in September). You start to dream less of lying on the beach and more of venturing into the woods to bear witness to the changing, colorful landscape. Although the thermometer is still hitting upwards of eighty degrees, it's possible to prematurely ease yourself into fall with the the debut album of Liza Victoria, who performs under the moniker Lisa/Liza. Victoria has been quietly making folk-inspired music in the depths of Maine for quite some time, but is finally releasing her first official album off Orindal Records in early September. The record, titled Deserts of Youth, is as stripped down as it gets - the only sounds on the record are Victoria and her acoustic guitar along with the occasional door or chair creak. But with these devices, Victoria weaves tales that are tinged with mysticism, making them most fittingly set for an empty desert or a dense forest. We're thrilled to share the title track of the album, which quietly closes the door on the album. "Deserts of Youth" tells an abstract story of reconciling youth that transports you to the same room as Victoria as she quietly repeats the phrases "Deserts of youth.../ Teenage moon." You can stream "Deserts of Youth" below and pre-order the album from Orindal Records here.

Liza Victoria on "Deserts of Youth":

"'Deserts of Youth' is a song I wrote for a loved one but would fit for anyone who has been or has felt betrayed by their youth. Extroverted society embraces contradiction that one can't be childlike or hold baggage or trauma but also must be energetic and filled with life and playfulness on the outside, maybe this is something I feel especially as a woman, and as an artist. I have asked myself why can't we have both and maybe we can't have one without recognizing the other? Mostly I hoped writing this song to convey a sense of a needed forgiveness for those I care for and let them know that they aren't alone."


Listen to Lisa/Liza on soundcloud.

Written by Emily Thompson