August 8, 2016

Premiere: halfsour - "Not Alright"

Check out a new song from Boston's halfsour before their upcoming tour.

As you grow older, you're forced to relinquish the right to spontaneity. This can apply to everything from starting creative projects to deciding to leave town on a whim. There's less time to devote to what you really want to be doing without adult responsibilities like work or the millions of distractions we face on a daily basis getting in the way. Boston-based band halfsour decided to challenge this mentality with their new album, Land of Discarded Ideas. The trio decided to sit down and put together / record enough songs for an LP in only two days. If you haven't heard of them, halfsour originally started as a Guided by Voices cover band before making their own scrappy indie-pop-punk infused tunes for the last three years. The band is about to head out on tour with Baltimore-based duo Romantic States, and you'll only be able to pick up Land of Discarded Ideas on cassette if you hit up one of their shows (but make sure to do it fast because there's currently only fifty in existence). Today, we're excited to premiere the single song that will make it onto the Internet from the tape for now. "Not Alright" is a blast of energy that is simple and short in both instrumentals and message, as vocalist ZoĆ« Wyner explains below.

halfsour on "Not Alright":

"We decided that we wanted to make this tour tape as an exercise in breaking out of the confines that we usually work within as a band. Generally, it takes us only a few weeks to get songs to a point of being comfortable with performing them - but then the recording and mixing, as well as waiting for the record to come out, takes what feels like forever. We decided to write as many short songs as possible within a 6 hour period, recorded them all the next day, and then got them ready to bring with us on tour in under two months. It was a really fun and gratifying process seeing the product come to fruition as quickly as it did. 

'Not Alright' was probably the song that came together the most fluidly within the writing process - it was written in under 10 minutes. Something in that spontaneity felt really good and refreshing, and everything just sort of fit. Also, I usually write lyrics after the rest of the song has been written but everything fell into place pretty much right away with this one. It's really just a meditation on being told over and over that things are alright, and to move on from the past, but not feeling like it's okay to forget things as quickly as we are encouraged to. Things in the world are feeling especially sad and weird these days, so I guess the lyrics just sort of stemmed from that."


Listen to halfsour on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson