August 16, 2016

LP: Pat Moon - Don't Hide From the Light

Pat Moon composes the soundtrack for all late night wanderings.

Living in New York City, sometimes there are moments late at night when the subway just stops behaving according to reason. Trains will switch lines, skip wide swaths of stops, or just quit running altogether. Last week, I was forced to walk across lower Manhattan at midnight to get to the subway I needed to take. I felt unmoored and alone, walking in between crowds of raucous partiers and partially lit streets. Pat Moon’s album Don’t Hide From the Light was my soundtrack for that night, and it can be yours as well for the nights when you make peace with your loneliness. Based in Portland, Oregon, Pat Moon is the songwriting project of Kate Davis, who also describes herself as the “Head Coach” of heartfelt indie-pop label Track and Field records. Davis wrote recorded this collection of songs over the past year, and just played her very first show August 10th . Despite being untested live, she already shows a deft mastery of her craft.

Like the last Porches album, this is synth pop for staring wistfully out the window as well as dancing around the room. Don't Hide From the Light is best experienced in its entirety as a backing score for your own solitary walk through a busy city. On songs like “Things Will Change” and “Feel You,” Davis’ voice is saturated with longing but also a subtle tinge of hope that things will get better. On “Into the Water,” she seeks oblivion with her partner, singing, “Can we just close our eyes and find a place to feel alive?” Standout track “Show Me a Sign” is a buoyant number exploring the trusting dynamic between two people. “I give myself to you,” Davis sings, leaping off the emotional cliff of exposing your feelings for someone. It’s a bold move, but one that can come with a sharp impact when that emotional bareness collides with someone’s apathy. “Don’t try to hard, don’t try to hard,” she sighs sarcastically, echoing the advice we all get when messaging a crush: hang back, don’t send more texts than you receive, watch anxiously for signs that they’re interested. She captures how talking to a new crush can feel like lobbying messages into the void, hoping for a sign there’s someone there. With Don’t Hide From the Light, we now have a soundtrack for our loneliness and our hopes that soon we won’t walk alone anymore.


Listen to Pat Moon on bandcamp.

Mo Wilson is a writer who enjoys collecting posters and still has a CD player. You can find him on twitter @sadgayfriendx.