August 4, 2016

LP: Lady Pills - Despite

Lady Pills gives you bitterness you can bop to.

The definitions for the word "pill" on include: 1. Something unpleasant that has to be accepted or endured: Ingratitude is a bitter pill. 2. A tiresomely disagreeable person. Given these definitions, Lady Pills’ band name takes on a double meaning. Taking the second meaning, Lady Pills would mean difficult women. Taking the first, Lady Pills would be the bullshit women have to swallow, no matter how difficult. When it comes to their lyrics, the band isn't afraid of seeming like difficult women while confronting the bitter pills of misogyny, “boy bands,” and “stupid men.” While bitterness is the primary flavor of the lyrics, the vocals go down silky smooth.

On their debut LP Despite, band members Ella, Alison, and Claire have the kind of angelic voices that make lyrics like, “Leave the dick for the birds to eat...I could puke you up” sound beautiful, as if they're elevating a diary entry to a power ballad. Backed by the fuzzy grind of guitar and punk-pop drums, Lady Pills gives you bitterness you can bop to. The sound of the album stays relatively consistent from song to song, but there are a few standouts. “Make Out,” the only song that actually mentions a pill (Prozac), is a perfect anthem of horny apathy and the ennui that comes when “everyone [you] know hangs with their boyfriend.” “Irrelevant” is a perfectly bittersweet breakup song: “Everything’s better now / We all pretend you were never here.” "Dream World" features the most creative, resonant lyrics of the whole album, like “I watch your silhouette through the sheets / I’m learning to love all the tiny diamonds.” However you take them, Lady Pills delivers music that lets you fume while you dance. Despite is well-described in the song “Dream World”: “an abacus of fucked up / a syllabus of tough love.” Pop them on for good-time music about bad times.


Listen to Lady Pills on bandcamp.

Simone Wolff lives in NYC with their grandma, best friend, boyfriend, snake, spider, and two cats. They’re a Cancer sun, Gemini moon, and Capricorn rising.