August 5, 2016

EP: Pelican Sister - They Say Love is Embarrassing

Settle into the simple sweetness of Pelican Sister's new EP.

At times, the Internet can feel so unbelievably huge that it would be impossible to find anything in the digital abyss. But sometimes, you get lucky and come across something small and special. Pelican Sister’s EP They Say Love is Embarrassing is one of those serious gems of a find. The sweet, simple arrangements mixed with calming harmonies will hit you softly in the gut. These five indie pop acoustic songs, some including an unexpectedly welcome trumpet, will give you butterflies. They're made for the late setting sun of summer; a night when you have no plans and nothing to do and there is a calm in the perfectly still air. Are you ever awake at 3 AM and feel as though you finally have that break from the world you needed? There's no one to answer to, you can lay there in bed and stare at the ceiling with no guilt. It's bittersweet because it won't last and you can't feel the morning creeping in; you're are living in a sort of in-between time. Maybe you're more honest with yourself at this time, telling yourself what you really want and how you really feel. This feeling is present on They Say Love is Embarrassing, with their themes of old homes and friendships.

"The Bridge" is one of the standouts of the EP and offers lines like, “Friends tell friends the best time to go away / And aren't we the best of friends?” and “Self deconstruction's the only constructive thing I can think of to do”. The latter line struck me because I can remember feeling the same way when I was so bored with myself and craved complete transformation in order to continue. Stripping yourself of everything you've been and finding what's actually there can be dangerous but also freeing. These five songs are so well-written and melodic that they float by much too quickly. "Drive," a clever track with a beautiful guitar riff, is the longest song on the EP at around four minutes long. Pelican Sister softly sings, “Don't want to make bad promises / Don't want to lose you in the morning” and “When you say girl, you look healthy / Is that just a way to say I look less fat?” showing off her subtle yet powerful lyrical skill. Give yourself over for about fifteen minutes and I think you'll find something special and genuine.


Listen to Pelican Sister on bandcamp.

Hannah Shields is a former child prodigy and current unemployed college drop out. When she is not writing things and filming things about herself you can find her on stage talking about herself and calling it comedy.