August 1, 2016

EP: Moon Racer - Two Songs

Moon Racer hits close to home – from their bedroom to yours.

I just broke up with someone. I’ve been trying to refrain from talking about it on the Internet, and I’ve done okay for the past two months. But that’s all about to wash down the drain, because here I am, talking about my break up. I don’t want to say much, so I won’t. But let’s just put it this way: my self-pity puddle is deep – very deep – and I’ve spent most of my time completely submerged in it. My bedroom’s no longer just a place to sleep; it’s a hole in the wall that I crawl into on my worst days. The self-pity puddle takes up the whole floor, so as soon as I’ve made it through the door, I’m toppling down to rock bottom again. I let myself be sad because I’m allowed to be sad. So I sit and simmer in it, until I’ve filtered it all out, ready to get up again. Typically, on days like these, I do this as I listen to the same song over and over. Lately, it was two songs. In fact, it was Two Songs by Moon Racer.

Moon Racer is from Durham, North Carolina. From their bedroom to yours (as phrased on their bandcamp page), their latest EP is raw; sincere, and completely exposed. The first track, "Princess Jasmine in the Hourglass," is completely calm – it managed to open me up completely in a matter of a few words. As a gentle Casio floats below, Moon Racer’s voice hovers above it, seemingly cool and collected. Listening to this song felt like I was brushing over myself with steady hands – quietly, I got to touch on everything that’s been simmering in my post-break-up chest. Sung softly, Moon Racer’s words settled in lightly, with warmth and understanding: “When you go, it’s just like you said so / When you leave, it’s just how you said it’d be / So I’ve no surprise”. Hearing these words, presented as the sound of someone else’s bedroom, felt completely sincere and soothing. It’s this that creates the air that drapes over this EP; it’s what makes Two Songs a release that’s completely calming for whoever might be listening, regardless of whether you’re stuck at the bottom of your self-pity puddle or not. I left this release feeling incredibly appreciative of the comfort I found in the EP, given what Moon Racer sent from their space to mine. I left Two Songs feeling calmer, lighter; completely opened up. The tracks didn’t just pull me out of my self-pity puddle; they gave me the stream of fresh air I needed to float up and out my bedroom door. All I needed were some quiet, beautiful tunes to lift me up again. Who knew?


Listen to Moon Racer on bandcamp.

Madalyn Trewin, a scrawny Australian with way too much time on her hands, endlessly staring up at the sky. She likes to pull words out of the air and put them back together as well as she can. So, most of the time, she’s pretending she’s a poet all over her blog.