August 31, 2016

EP: Mars Black - Cat Suit

Enter the scuzzy, stripped-down world of Mars Black.

Recently I took a two-stop flight to Nova Scotia, in particular a cove on the most northeastern tip. It was the kind of place that sits in between spaces, wedged between civilization and the endless Canadian wilderness. The closest place to get groceries was twenty minutes away in a town where everyone knows each others' names and personal business. The cove held what looked like a lake, but instead was just the tip of the infinite ocean – a place where normal people live, but where witchcraft is entrenched in the land. During this trip, I found myself frequently listening to Mars Black’s Cat Suit. It had been passed down to me from on high, and the slow, methodical solo electric guitar fit perfectly into my exploration of "self" out in the forests of the northern lands. Mars Black has a twang to her music, with the opening riff straight out of a '70s B-movie, complete with the shaky camera work and blurry images. Her resolve shines through an effortless delivery of dreamy fuzz pop, and this short EP only leaves you wanting more from the Philly-based artist. 

“Creepstar” opens up the album with a trudging, dark guitar summoning. The spirit that is evoked is washed over lucid-scape, drawing us closer for the next track, “Not Afraid Of The USA.” Some of the lyrics are a little hard to make out due to reverb, but it's evident through the scuzz that Mars Black can pack a punch in her stripped-down songs. One line particularly stands out to me: “Philadelphia, death party,” having walked from one end of Philly to the other, through all different kinds of weather. “Everybody’s Doin It” has the qualifier of being a "Black Lips rip-off" within the song title, but that would be selling the EP seriously short. Cat Suit is full of its own original hooks, grooves, and stoic swagger. It tops off with “Thank You Baby” and “Hot Pepper!,” tunes that continue the spiral into Mars Black’s world, which personally, I would never want to leave. All the elements are present - there is fire here, you can feel water in the music, it travels well through the air, and is grounded firmly. All four corners are covered, so maybe if you are personally missing something in your life, Cat Suit might be just what you need to feel complete.


Listen to Mars Black on bandcamp.

Ruune is an ex-nomadic performer/current village witch living in New England. You can find their twitter during some moon phases at @ruunemagick.