August 18, 2016

Diary: DUMP HIM & Boyscout Thriller East Coast Tour

On the road with DUMP HIM and Boyscout Thriller.

Last month, my good friend Jennie (Boyscout Thriller) and I hopped in my 1998 sedan with our fingers crossed to embark on something that was special to both of us: our very first tour. We moved through cities we had never been to before, as well as places that we have both called home. On tour, I turned 20 years old and even though I didn’t feel tangibly older, I felt full of purpose for the first time in a long time. -Jaclyn // DUMP HIM

Touring was an extremely abstract idea to me at first; I had never been on a road trip, never played more than two shows in one week, and am an adamant introvert. When Jaclyn and I started to plan the tour, everything sounded a bit overwhelming and dreamlike. Touring was indeed overwhelming and dreamlike, but in the most positive way possible. -Jennie // Boyscout Thriller

We’ve included our documentation from tour here: photos we both took, journal entries by each of us (Jennie’s then Jaclyn’s), and a playlist including the best songs we listened to on the road.


Jaclyn Walsh is a cancer sun/libra moon/leo rising from Massachusetts. They perform as DUMP HIM (instagram & twitter).