July 29, 2016

Premiere: Sheer - "Room"

Listen to a shoegaze-y new song from California-based band Sheer.

Around this time last year, our nation celebrated the twentieth anniversary of one of the most important moments in history, aka the release of the timeless film Clueless. The movie that gifted us the phrase "As if!" and Cher Horowitz's matching plaid outfits also came with a seriously underrated soundtrack. Sure, we're all familiar with the iconic "Rollin' with my Homies" scene but there's also a delightful chunk of deep cuts – there's indie pop band Velocity Girl's "My Forgotten Favorite," The Muffs' gritty cover of "Kids in America," and Jill Sobule's sardonic "Supermodel." One song that would have fit right in among the compilation is the latest single from California-based foursome Sheer. "Room" is a reverb-drenched track that sounds straight out of the late eighties and early nineties peak of shoegaze. While the song draws influence from its hazy predecessors, Sheer infuses the song with heavy breakdowns while casting wide soundscapes. It's easy to imagine this song playing in the background as Cher fusses over her complicate feelings for her OG alt boy stepbrother. But since we don't have a time machine to go back to 1995, we'll just have to enjoy "Room" when it comes out on 7" in August. You can listen to "Room" and read some words about the song below and pre-order the record from The Native Sound here.

Sheer on "Room":

"Room describes the feeling of vulnerability that one often experiences alongside intimacy. While at times these feelings can be intimidating, it is often what makes such intimate moments very beautiful. Such private moments can create a strong romantic connection amongst two people that often evolves into something much deeper than just a physical touch.


Listen to Sheer on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson