July 13, 2016

Premiere: Katie Dey - "Only to Trip and Fall Down Again"

Katie Dey blesses us with a new single off her upcoming album.

There are some artists that have the ability to change the way you think about music entirely. Katie Dey is one of those artists that can only be described as profilic – her music brings a breath of fresh air into the experimental music scene. Almost a year ago, Dey released her first album asdfasdf which we described as having a "glitch ethereality" unlike anything we've ever heard before. Her sophomore release Flood Network takes her twisted electronic pop to the next level and is due out on August 12th via Joy Void. We're excited to share the second single off Flood Network entitled "Only to Trip and Fall Down Again" as well as a conversation we had with her on the upcoming album below.

The Le Sigh: You have a new album out in August entitled Flood Network. Where did that name come from?

Katie Dey: It came from the lyrics for the song "Fleas" where I'm talking about a hole in my heart being filled up 'in a flash flood,' which led me to start thinking about the flood as a metaphor for intense periods of change in one's life, and the album as a whole being like a collection of these 'floods'. I also liked the double meaning of like how a computer network can be flooded with information. It adds to the imagery I think. The name came pretty late in the process, maybe a couple days before it was finished.

TLS: Your debut album Asdfasdf came out over a year ago. Have you noticed any differences in your creative process with that album vs. your new one?

KD: It's sort of a gradual change I think. Some of the songs on the new album were written at the same time as the first one, but I think by the end I'd learned a lot and begun to act more deliberately about the choices I make when recording and writing. My process is sorta always in flux and arbitrary though, so it's hard to say if there's really a concrete difference between then and now.

TLS: The first time time I heard your music I was completely blown away by how it sounds like nothing else out there. How did you develop your style?

KD: Thank you!! That's very nice of you to say. I guess I've just been making music all my life and a lot of little things led me to sound like how I sound. I think making music by myself on a laptop instead of in a studio contributes to my style, as well as never really having the money to buy any expensive musical hardware. My identity and mental state and environment all play into how my music ends up sounding too. If my music sounds like a mess it's because I am a mess, etc!

TLS: The words in your songs are often hard to decipher but the instrumentation is able to evoke a lot of emotion despite this. What importance (if any at all) do you place on lyrics?

KD: I'm glad you think the instrumentation evokes emotion! Sometimes it's hard for me to know if that's coming through or not. I don't place a lot of importance on my lyrics, partly because I don't think I write very well, and partly because I want the music to speak for itself I guess? My attitude towards this changes a lot, but I guess I have this weird hang-up where I think that lyrics shouldn't be entirely what a song is about... like the meaning of the song shouldn't be derived solely from the content of its lyrics, with the music just being a backing to support the words. So I sorta intentionally obscure the lyrics because I want to focus the attention onto the other stuff. But then I guess why have lyrics at all, right? I don't know! And also a lot of my favourite stuff in music are the parts where I'm not really sure what I'm listening to, so I guess I tried to emulate that feeling for all my music.

TLS: Because your music is so experimental and editing-based, I would imagine that it's a struggle to find a way to play your material live. Do you plan to play shows or tour at any point in the near future?

KD: It's super hard to play it live! Originally I had no real interest in playing shows with this stuff but lately I've been feeling like it might be an important thing to do for a lot of reasons. Plus I feel like I'm not being authentic or something, like I'm not a 'real musician' or whatever if I just focus on recording and don't live 'the life' of a musician. I know, it's silly. But yeah I'm trying to work out a way to play live but I need to buy some new hardware and to work out all the logistics stuff first.

TLS: If you could collaborate with one person living or dead...

KD: Michelle from Japanese Breakfast!! Hit me up!

TLS: In addition to your forthcoming album, you also have a new song out on the upcoming Orchid Tapes compilation. How do you think community plays a part in your experience as an artist?

KD: I think it drives me to be a better musician and person. The Orchid Tapes compilation makes me feel really self-conscious because all the other songs are so amazing and mine feels weak, but that just makes me want to be better! I wish I was closer geographically though. It's hard to be involved in the community when it's 15,000 kilometers away!


Listen to Katie Dey on bandcamp.

Pre-order Flood Network from Joy Void.

Written by Diana Cirullo