July 18, 2016

Premiere: Field Mouse - "The Order of Things"

Listen to a cozy new song off Field Mouse's upcoming album.

“The Order of Things,” a brand-new track from Field Mouse, is the sonic equivalent of a cozy sweater, or a warm mug of tea on a cool morning. But don’t let the dreaminess fool you: behind the dancing-around-your-room-on-a-sunny-day vibe, the singer is trying to reach someone. It’s an upbeat, introspective track about feeling totally meh. Throughout the song, they’re questioning how they fit into the world, or perhaps, more narrowly, how they fit into a certain person’s life. “I’m tired and I want to take up space,” Field Mouse sighs, and it’s a lyric for anyone who just wants to be noticed, and appreciated, without having to try. The next line, “I’m lonely and I want to see your face,” is backed by heavenly oooohs and ahhhhs. Would it kill the object of our affection to make it easy for us, even once?

In "The Order of Things,” Field Mouse muses, “Where is my place?” Wouldn’t we all like to know? “The Order of Things” is a perfectly constructed indie pop song. Melodic, bright, and catchy, it wouldn’t be out of place on an early O.C. Mix, which is just about the highest compliment a person can give. Pre-order the album from Topshelf Records here.


Listen to Field Mouse on bandcamp.

Sophy Ziss is a writer and feelings-haver based in Philadelphia. Tweet pets and music recommendations to @sophyish.