July 22, 2016

Premiere: ever - Chasing Ghosts (From May to Now)

Listen to ever's new song "Chasing Ghosts (From May to Now)."

Emily Davis, who records music as ever, is a bit of an enigma on the Internet. Trying to Google search her will land you among countless articles about One Direction’s “Best Song Ever.” But instead of delivering sugary pop songs, ever offers melancholia; sad lay-on-the-floor-staring-at-the-ceiling love songs.

We’re excited to premiere her new single, “Chasing Ghosts (From May to Now)”, which describes the apparition of a decayed relationship; a dead shark where there’s nothing left to do but walk away. “I’m wasting all my time on you/It’s something you could never do,” she laments. Her gentle finger-picking, reminiscent of the band Daughter, as well as her breathy vocals conjure up feelings of despondency and weariness. Davis, a Nashville resident, also injects bluesy guitar riffs to heighten the heartbreak. ever’s debut album, But I am, is due out July 28th.

Emily Davis on the track:

"Chasing ghosts (From May to Now) is definitely one of the most important songs to me from this album. At the time, I had lost who I thought was my first true love. It was in the endless sleepless nights, constant lack of appetite and never wanting to leave your apartment stage. I barely even picked up my guitar through this period, which is something I do on a daily basis. I remember one night just lying on my bedroom floor, feeling more vulnerable and alone than ever. I picked up my guitar for the first time in what seemed like forever and just started messing around. I hadn't had inspiration to write lyrics, guitar riffs, anything, for months now, but out of nowhere this riff came to me. I was just going to leave at as a simple chord melody, but then some words just started coming out of my mouth unintentionally. It was like all the words I could never say out loud were finally coming out. Things I could never admit. 

 I wrote a lot of the songs from the album when I was still in this relationship, and the words I'd write I definitely realized "hey, this relationship is no good when you can't write anything good about it" I fell out of love with the person but stayed in love with the routine, what felt “comfortable.” We were no good for each other. We’d bring each other up just to tear each other down. At the time I thought the relationship was great, perfect even, but looking back in hindsight I realize we were both toxic, no good for each other."


Listen to ever on soundcloud.

Written by Taylor Silver