July 28, 2016

Premiere: Earth Girls - "Wanderlust"

Stream a new track off Earth Girls' debut album.

Emotions can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some, both positive and negative, can take a long time to simmer and show no signs of going away. Other big, sweeping feelings can come in the quickest of outbursts – whether it's an adrenaline rush of excitement or a speedy surge of anger or anxiety that disappears before you know it. Chicago-based band Earth Girls' latest track, "Wanderlust," falls somewhere between this dichotomy. The song clocks in at the blink-and-you'll-miss-it length of only 1:30 minutes. But within that very short period time, vocalist Liz Panella packs quite the emotional punch beneath the flurry of guitar riffs. Panella goes over the common feeling of wanting to run away when shit hits the fan, but still remaining realistic about how that's not always the answer. "Wanderlust" not only shows off Panella's skill as a guitarist, but also her ability to condense emotional depth into one short, infectious statement. Wanderlust will officially be out in full on August 12th off Grave Mistake Records, which you can preoder here, but you can hear the title track for the first time below.

Liz Panella on "Wanderlust":

"As the title track of the album, Wanderlust consolidates the emotional themes of the rest of the songs (uncertainty, anxiety, longing) into a single story of feeling like a foreigner in one's own daily life. It was inspired by the breakdown of a friendship that caused me to question a lot of the decisions and motivations that have resulted in my current situation in life. Even though the narrating voice in the song wants to run away from its problems by seeing the world, in a way the song is also critical of the feeling of wanderlust, considering that so many places in the world are becoming more and more alike."


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Written by Emily Thompson