July 20, 2016

LP: Leggy - Leggy

Crunch on Leggy's sassy dream punk songs.

Leggy is a sassy dream-punk three-piece from Cincinnati, Ohio, that came to be when vocalist Veronique Allaer broke her hip after falling from a fire escape the same week she graduated college. The experience inspired Allaer to abandon her grad school plans and move in with her two best friends, bassist Kerstin Bladh and drummer Christopher Campbell, where they formed the band in 2014. They've released 3 EPs since 2014: Cavity Castle, Nice Try, and DANG. But this past spring,  Leggy compiled all of their favorite tracks plus a brand new song to create their first self-titled LP of surf-inspired fuzz-pop punk.

Over the past two years, Leggy has rounded out their sound to expand across complementary genres. It makes you wonder when fuzzy bass, brazen lyrics, and beachy guitar had ever existed separate from one another, which is probably similar to how the person who invented sea-salted dark chocolate felt. This particular treat is an all-encompassing symbol for Leggy: they’re a little bit gritty and dark, but also serve a deep-rooted sweetness. In the opening track, “Kick The Habit,” a new song released with the album, Allaer wails over Bladh’s ominous bass, “And the truth is that I’m tired of sitting in darkness / And the truth is I wanna be bigger than my sadness / I really really do want to stop wanting you, but I just can’t kick the habit!” Despite the wild and uncivilized nature of their sound, Leggy’s recordings are crisp and drummer Campbell keeps up with a persistence that seems like it amounts to a serious arm workout. After the end of each song, it feels as though Allaer has shredded her guitar from start to finish, all while howling poems that touch on feelings of personal assertiveness and the softness that lies just beneath that exterior.

The track listing of Leggy ignores the chronology of the song’s original releases. For example, the second song, “Bruises,” from 2016’s DANG, is actually the epilogue to the story featured in track number nine, “Adonis” from 2015’s Nice Try, which is about a shaky relationship that continues to crumble despite initial romanticization. In “Adonis,” Allaer lulls a slower beat with the sincerity of a new crush, “Apollo I think, or Adonis / You make me nervous oh boy I’ll be honest / ‘Cause your slang’s got the rhythm of a sonnet and the stars they are swimming past like comets.” But “Bruises” rips in with a different type of urgency, borrowing notes from the original “Adonis,” yet replaces the leisurely grungy bass with a swelling guitar. The lyrics in “Bruises” flip the ideas from the opposite track and throw them back at 100 mph. “Faith is drifting like a comet I thought I heard a sonnet I thought he was Adonis, but he broke my little heart like it was just a pinky promise.” Leggy manages to maintain their specific brand of earnest garage rock while creating catchy songs that elicit some involuntary bouncing around.


Listen to Leggy on bandcamp.

Leann Bescript, a recent graduate of SUNY Purchase, full-time nanny and freelance journalist. Generally, she is regarded as the all-knowing 5-second-rule referee in the workplace, or anywhere else that anyone might've accidentally dropped food and needed moral support to eat it anyway.