July 27, 2016

EP: Tombo Crush - Loud Crunch

Tombo Crush's songs might be short in duration but they're endless in feeling.

The first track on Tombo Crush’s latest EP proposes a simple, almost domestic happiness: “If you’d let me in / We go grocery shopping / We are happy.” The track, titled “If I do,” ends on those three big, hopeful words. The brevity and idealism of the song immediately calls to mind the first track on their 2015 album Bug Bites. The song features an audio clip taken from Frances Ha in which Greta Gerwig’s character explains what she wants out of relationships, or life, she guesses. What she wants is a moment immeasurably small: a knowing, intimate glance shared between friends from across the room. Loud Crunch is a collection of these moments, which are brief in duration, but endless in feeling. It should come as no surprise then that the artist’s sole description of the EP on bandcamp is “tiny feelings.” While the idea of tiny-ness is essential to Loud Crunch, in execution many of the tracks sound like beginnings, or fragments of what could be full songs. The instrumentals, like the lyrics, aspire and develop towards their own resolution. On Loud Crunch they don’t get it.

The EP, released earlier this month, is made up of five songs that are no longer than two minutes in length. Each track aspires to a version of “if i do” ‘s grocery shopping happiness. However, in “shared space” the desperation of that hope mutates into insecurity: “Sometimes I get scared / That my friends don’t know how much I really love them.” This anxiety underscores the significance of the shared part of  “tiny feelings.” If these little moments of intimacy and happiness aren’t shared; if you aren’t letting your friends know how much you love them, then what’s the point? The song’s resolution, a reassuring promise, “If you can’t sleep you can always call me,” is Gerwig’s buoyant glance, reaching across the room, hoping for a pair of eyes kind enough to return the favor.


Listen to Tombo Crunch on bandcamp.

Ana Bauer is a frizzy-haired girl and student at Bard College who tweets from @anadelray when she isn’t talking about Twitter in real life.