July 26, 2016

EP: Karen Meat - On the Couch

Shuffle to Karen Meat's infinitely catchy On the Couch EP.

“Un, deux, trois, fuck” opens the song "Backing Up" on Karen Meat's latest four song EP, On the Couch. The line captures the tone of their easy listening, pure fun pop songs. Songs that actually make you chuckle here and there are rare but witty lyrics are Karen Meat's specialty: “I made you a card / Did you know I could draw / With a beer in my hand / I spilled some on my pants.”

Karen Meat is a lo-fi indie pop band from Des Moines, Iowa. The back and forth between co-singers Brad Turk and Arin Eaton is earnest and infinitely catchy. “I'm feeling lonely, I need a hand / Maybe we could start another band?” they sing on the entertaining titular "On the Couch." The chiming omnichord creates a dreamy aspect while Arin’s voice is twangy and infectious, a combination of vulnerability and strength. This album is all about relationships, mostly dysfunctional co-dependent ones that have never sounded so sweet and harmonious. The chemistry between the two leads is palpable and lighthearted. But there are darker moments, like talk of substance abuse and two lovers on different pages. “Don't ever talk to me that way” is sung in unison on the upbeat "Backing Up,"  which details a long disagreement yet culminates with a laugh, ensuring that everything ends up okay. If this EP relays any grand message, it's that in good times and bad there is always love felt. Karen Meat's smile-inducing songs make you believe that sweetness can be found anywhere, in any situation. I like that outlook, and despite your bad days and disagreements, brightness is always there if you look hard enough.


Listen to Karen Meat on bandcamp.

Hannah Shields is a former child prodigy and current unemployed college drop out. When she is not writing things and filming things about herself you can find her on stage talking about herself and calling it comedy.