July 18, 2016

EP: Hater - Radius

 Hater's Radius is like a faraway dream, sun-kissed and smiling softly.

Right now, if you asked me what I was dreaming of, I’d say sun streaks on concrete. I’d say dewy skin, dimpled cheeks, dotting freckles together with the tip of my finger. I’d say right now, I wish I was hanging the crook of my elbow out my car window, headed somewhere – anywhere – warmer. Here in Australia, I’m dealing with winter. I wouldn’t say I’ve been coping with the cold too well as I'm waking up to frosted windshields and clouds of frigid air every morning. Really, I’ve been spending every waking minute willing the sun to burn just a little bit brighter. It's been like this ever since we hit June. I want to be spread out across the pavement, eyes closed and waiting to be sun-kissed. Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t want to help me out on this dream – not right now. But thankfully, I’ve found Hater’s new EP, so I’ve been doing just fine.

Hater is a four-piece from Malm√∂, Sweden. Their latest EP, Radius, is like pressing play on a sun-kissed daydream. Full of glowing sounds and sentimental feelings, this release will politely ask you to close your eyes, forget what’s going on in the real world, and daze away. The soundscape feels like a dream just out of reach: as blurry guitars curve into one another, every sound feels faraway and hazy – hovering above us all. Drifting alongside these tones, Caroline Landahl’s vocals are as dreamy as they are raspy as she yearns for a lost time. As these elements intertwine, Hater will make you nostalgic for the moments they’re singing for, despite the fact that you’ve never lived them yourself. Every song will drift you further and further away from what’s going on outside of your closed eyes. With each of these songs lined up, flowing into one another, this EP makes up a parcel of sentimental memories – not entirely yours, but loaned to you with a soft smile. Whether you’re spread across some sun-streaked fields or wrapped up in a dozen blankets, Radius is just right for those dazed afternoons, when all you need is to listen in on someone else’s daydreams.


Listen to Hater on bandcamp.

Madalyn Trewin, a scrawny Australian with way too much time on her hands, endlessly staring up at the sky. She likes to pull words out of the air and put them back together as well as she can. So, most of the time, she’s pretending she’s a poet all over her blog.