July 21, 2016

EP: Angelic Milk - Teenage Movie Soundtrack

Angelic Milk gives us the perfect Teenage Movie Soundtrack.

A few months ago, I was aimlessly searching for new music to fill my ears this summer when I discovered Russian artist Angelic Milk. As soon as I saw the cartoon of a sheep in a dress on their EP Pale, I knew I was going to be hooked. Before Angelic Milk, the only things I heard about Russia were in regards to Putin or Pussy Riot. Although Angelic Milk doesn't necessarily contain the headstrong political focus that Pussy Riot does, their music stems from a budding arts scene in Saint Petersburg. Angelic Milk’s most recent EP, Teenage Movie Soundtrack, is a bit of a departure from their previous effort as they skip the serene and dive headfirst into their new album. 

The first track, “Tie Me Up,” begins with a quick instrumental introduction followed by Sarah Persephona’s smooth croons. In reference to the song’s title, Persephona repeats the phrase “tie me up” over and over again; her edge and angst beating through my computer and filling my room as my pencil taps to the catchy lo-fi surf pop beat. “Ripped Jeans” is a glittery punch that immediately follows “Tie Me Up,” making me wish that I were in a mosh pit or at a sweaty party in a movie about millennials. Track “Rebel Black” circles back to Angelic Milk’s surf pop sensation once more as Persephona sings, “Yesterday you told me / I’m dying here / Lets get out of here,” a classic rendition of teenage angst. Persephona also repeats the phrase "love is not a crime" throughout the track, perhaps alluding to the current LGBT politics in Russia at the moment, as well as reminding the listener of youthful heartbreak. The final song on the EP, “Some Boys Are Beautiful Girls,” begins with the similar scuzzy pop vibe of the rest of the album, but about a minute into the song, the tempo abruptly changes, jolting me back into my imagined mosh pit. Nevertheless, the song still ends the album on a lighter note, concluding in a calando both instrumentally and via Persephona’s vocals. 

The names of the songs on Teenage Movie Soundtrack work in tandem, generating a cohesive image of adolescence. The recreate the feeling of a teenage bedroom that's engrossed in melodrama wrapped in jaunty pink boxes thanks to the tranquil qualities of Sarah Persephona’s voice. It instantaneously transport me back to years of collaging boxes, stitching patches, and binge watching movies about fellow teens. But this time, thanks to Angelic Milk, I feel like I’m in on a trendy budding secret, like the sweetest sixteen I’ve ever had. The doodle of a sheep in a dress has reappeared for this new album on the single-track releases. This time, the sheep is depicted in two images: riding a motorcycle while wearing creepers for the release of “Rebel Black” and tied up amongst a flurry of stuffed animals for “Tie Me Up.” The “Tie Me Up” art mirrors the actual album cover for Teenage Movie Soundtrack — a picture of Sarah Persephona adorned in a silky white dress and pigtails, surrounded by stuffed animals, string lights, and tied up with rope. The mystical qualities of the cover art juxtaposes perfectly with the sharp sensuality of Persephona’s vocals. While the EP is less than thirteen minutes long, it is an ephemeral beauty. I want to live in Angelic Milk’s world forever — one of ruffles, sparkle, pastel colors, and anthropomorphized animals. 


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Amelia Eskenazi is a feminist and gender studies and art student at Colorado College. In their free time, they enjoy collaging boxes, dying their hair at 2 am, and eating freeze pops in the shower. Their political pondering and rants can be found on twitter @a_eskenazi.