June 15, 2016

Stream: Tomboy - Di and Viv and Rose OST

Tomboy brings the worlds of theatre and punk together 
on the original soundtrack of Di and Viv and Rose.

Context is key – the way we experience any body of work, specifically music, has an undoubtable effect on our first impression of it. It's a completely different experience listening to a song for the first time at a house show vs. during a musical in a theatre. There are many songs on soundtracks that I've fallen in love with simply because I associate them with films that were important to me at the time (see Air's album for The Virgin Suicides and basically everything on the Clueless soundtrack). While it's rare that the reverse happens and a band is responsible for introducing me to a film or play, that is exactly what happened with our longtime favorite Philly-meets-Boston-based duo Tomboy.

If there's any band who we're hxc fangirls of, it's Tomboy. The two-piece's music and members have made plenty of past appearances on our site (exhibit A, B, CD, and E). So as you might imagine, we were thrilled to learn that Tomboy collaborated with the production team of the U.S. premiere of Di and Viv and Rose, written by playwright Amelia Bullmore and directed by Leta Tremblay. The show's plotline tells an incredibly compelling coming of age story about female friendship. Appropriately soundtracked in full by our friends at Tomboy, the play's musical score brings the worlds of theatre and punk together in a magical way. Stream the original soundtrack to Di and Viv and Rose written and recorded by Tomboy below. The full album includes transitional songs composed for each scene, an impossibly catchy full-length single for the play's final moment ("Slow Motion"), and *omg* a super special Prince cover ("Let's Go Crazy"). If you're fortunate to be in New York, the show runs from June 2-Jun 19 at Theatre Row and you can buy a tickets here.


Listen to Tomboy on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo