June 16, 2016

Stream: Soccer Mommy - For Young Hearts

Stream Soccer Mommy's debut album on Orchid Tapes.

If Sophie Allison has chosen literal titles for her album names then it would make sense that her first release songs for the recently sad hauls us straight into a tailspin of tender heartache; the type that is all consuming and hits you like a ton of bricks. The Nashville-native-turned-New-Yorker records under the moniker Soccer Mommy, a pseudonym inspired by years spent playing the sport as a child.  Her sophomore album songs from my bedroom rings true to its namesake as well, weaving an intimate experience through unfiltered confessions of longing and uncertainty. While the two albums offer a snapshot into different moments and relationships throughout time, both narratives are ultimately translated through hush croons, fuzzy lingering guitar chords, and a shifting drum machine.

Soccer Mommy makes her debut on beloved bedroom pop label Orchid Tapes with her third album entitled For Young Hearts. The album's eight tracks are noticeably different than anything she's released before but in a way that's somewhat difficult to pinpoint. While not a drastic sonic departure from its two preceding works, it separates itself with a strong sense of newfound confidence. For an album that so often alludes to the trials and tribulations of young love, it's paradoxically Soccer Mommy's most mature effort to date. Allison bridges the gap between singer-songwriter and full on performer with warm honey-like vocals, playful pop hooks, and energetic melodies. For Young Hearts doesn't just shimmer, it blooms from start to finish. Stream the album below and buy the limited gold cassette from our friends at Orchid Tapes.


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Written by Diana Cirullo