June 2, 2016

Stream: Parasol - Affliction

Parasol re-emerges with their new album Affliction.

Following the release of their 2014 LP Not There, the members of Parasol ventured out to form new and diverse projects — lead vocalist Lily began her folky solo act as Squill, Jake joined the hardcore punk band G.L.O.S.S., and Vicky and Josh played as a pop duo in Box Fan. Lucky for us, Parasol has re-emerged with Affliction, an energetic LP that plays to each of its members’ strengths.

The first four tracks establish just why Parasol is a self-described “anarcho-pop punk band.” Between Lily’s fiery vocals, Jake’s pounding drums, and the bits of feedback, the foursome inundate each short track with organized chaos. But aside from their punk influence, Parasol creates additional anarchy in their refusal to stick to one singular sound. “Collect Dust” and “Affliction”, drone-like slow jams, act as a bit of a sullen intermission and “Love is a Lie” is a tender, stripped-down love song. No matter the genre, Parasol proves they can weather the storm. Though Affliction has been available since February, we’re happy to premiere the album’s official release on Lost Sound Tapes’ Bandcamp. Stream Affliction below and rejoice that Parasol has brought the band back together again.


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Written by Taylor Silver