June 13, 2016

Stream: The Meltaways - The Meltaways

The Meltaways are back with a scorching new EP.

The Meltaways’ new track “Pacify” ends with a swirling repetition of “You won’t pacify me” — an affirmation that reflects the unrelenting ferocity of the Brooklyn band’s latest self-titled EP. The trio, comprised of Beck Kitsis (bass/vocals), Maddy Strassler (guitar/vocals), and Allie Brasch (drums), blend '60s surf rock riffs and '90s feminist punk into seven tightly compacted tunes. Though “Lemon” channels Girlpool’s vocal delivery and “Ice Cubes” has a sugary hook, the final tracks “Shoot” and “Possession” are not-so-gentle reminders that the Meltaways are not ones to be fucked with. The EP officially comes out June 16th on Mirror Universe Tapes. And if you’re luck enough to be in New York, you can check out their release show at the Silent Barn.

The Meltaways on The Meltaways:

"We're excited to finally share what we've been working on over the past year, and we hope that these songs lend a sense of support to whoever is listening, like they did for us while we were writing them. Feel free to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!"


Listen to The Meltaways on bandcamp.

Written by Taylor Silver