June 17, 2016

Stream: Dentist - Ceilings

Stream New Jersey's Dentist's summery sophomore LP. 

“Joel,” a track by indie rock quartet Dentist, begins as a brooding, tremolo-driven lament for the past. But around the one minute mark, Dentist ups the tempo with pounding percussion as vocalist Emily Bornemann shrugs, “My cat thinks I’m the greatest and I’m okay with that.” What began as a quiet acceptance of life’s ephemerality is now a self-assured decision to not pay any mind to other people’s perceptions of you. It’s good advice, no doubt, but “Joel” is also a testament to Dentist’s diverse, layered sound in their latest LP, Ceilings. On the band’s sophomore album, Dentist masters bright, California surf rock (despite being not-always-sunny New Jersey natives) and tosses in some folksy acoustic sounds (“Digging Up the Dog”), pop punk guitar solos (“Meet You There in Delaware”), and ethereal Cocteau Twins-like vocals by Bornemann. Though Ceilings will be released June 24th via Little Dickman Records, you can stream the album in full below.

Dentist on Ceilings:

"Our first album was a collection of the songs that we had at the time. We were writing songs to play out live and it got to the point where we had an albums worth, so we decided to record them all. Our second album, Ceilings, is a bit different. We had the intention of writing an album as a group of songs that go together. That’s a bit of a cliché at this point and it may not even be noticeable since all of our songs stand on their own and are typically three minute pop songs, but for whatever reason the focus that we put in allowed for growth lyrically and musically. Most of the songs have a contrast between happy sounding catchy music and lyrics that can be a bit of a downer, but we find that the two emotions work together nicely and end up making us happy overall in the long run. We feel that this album is a good representation of who we are as people and documents a group of friends working closely on something together that they wanted to hear and would enjoy playing. We think that we met our goal and hope that others will enjoy listening as well."

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 Written by Taylor Silver