June 24, 2016

Premiere: Lady Pills - "Eat Them"

Stream a new song from Boston's Lady Pills.

“They say human tastes best frozen, I agree / Just bite around the bones, leave the dick for birds to eat,” Lady Pills’ vocalist Ella Boissonnault instructs. Like a caustic, cannibalistic episode of Barefoot Contessa, the Boston-based trio combat sexism in their fuzzy new single, “Eat Them.” Boissonnault, along with bassist Alison Dooley and drummer Claire Duhring, met at Berklee College of Music and only banded together last October. The three-piece have since played SXSW and have shared the stage with The Le Sigh faves Eskimeaux and Claire Cottrill. And if this latest song is an indication, we have high hopes for Lady Pills’ debut LP, Despite, which is officially out July 8th on Babe City Records but you can already pre-order it here. Listen to "Eat Them" below and check out some words from the trio about the track and their band message.

Lady Pills on "Eat Them":

"The song is really about the fact that we're more than just 'women in music' and we have a lot more to say...Like, yeah, obviously we're feminists and that's one issue we're very much about, but that's not the only reason why we're doing what we're doing. So many people already think we're the 'girls that write songs about hating men' band, but we have so many other things to say."


Listen to Lady Pills on soundcloud.

Written by Taylor Silver